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Generate Random Password Powershell Function

I recently saw a tip from that prompted me to make the below function. It generates random passwords with the length and number of special characters you specify. I hope someone else finds it useful. If you are wondering how to include libraries in your code see below. # Here is how your include […]

View automation with vCenter » VMware View automation with vCenter … myvirtualcloud.net5/14/12 VMware View doesn't have publically available API's that can be used in the automation process. However, VMware View does expose PowerShell cmdlets that can be used in the construction of a automated process via …

Powershell till you drop!

Powershell till you drop | DBA Rant www.midnightdba.com5/25/12 Ok, well I've been very busy again and released 3 new PS vids today. There's one on dropping tables. I use regex to make this happen, so even if you're not interested in dropping tables, you can come learn how to do a …

Understanding the Six PowerShell Profiles

Understanding the Six PowerShell Profiles – Hey, Scripting Guy … blogs.technet.com5/21/12 Now for the question: I do not get the Windows PowerShell profile. I mean I get it, but not really. Here is part of my problem. I put some things in the profile, and then I go back and they are not there. Like, […]

Use a Module to Simplify Your PowerShell Profile

Use a Module to Simplify Your PowerShell Profile – Hey, Scripting … blogs.technet.com5/24/12 Summary: Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, teaches how to use a Windows PowerShell module to simplify your profile. Hey, Scripting Guy! Question Hey, Scripting Guy! I have a problem and I hope you can provide some …

Powershell – Windows Updates – Report

This simple powershell script will create a csv listing all the installed updates for every PC or server in AD that is online and able to be managed via powershell.  If the PC or server is offline that will be indicated in the csv in the status column.  You may want to ensure that c:\scripts\output exists on your […]